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‘Watching’ Nostalgic

I’m waxing nostalgic for a SWATCH.
When I was a kid, my parents, who were very style conscious, bought me a couple swatch watches. I suppose they thought it was a good, kid-friendly (because SWATCH was big on plastic wristbands) brand. I think I went through about two or three watches before they decided I was making a habit of losing them and could tell the time with something cheaper.
For years now I’ve been alternating between watches my aunt gives me (generally really cute faux leather or silver) and a Seiko watch my mom got from my dad as a birthday gift that was passed on to me after she passed.

My mom's Seiko watch

Dare I say, it’s worn, but gorgeous! When I think of it, I’m reminded of a Patek Phillipe ad I once saw which had the copy:

You never actually own a Patek Phillipe

You merely take care of it for the next generation.

Anyway I digress…
The last watch my aunt gave me was ubercute but it has started to disintegarate (faulty wristband among other things), and I’ve been thinking about getting a swatch again! I can’t stop thinking about the really creative, cool designs they had when I was a kid. I figure I’ll get something in plastic too, to remind me of the good old days! They have a whole array of stuff : in fact the collection on their website goes back to the 80’s!

I didn’t get through everything, but I think I found the one!
Check it out below (and tell me what you think)!

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5 thoughts on “‘Watching’ Nostalgic

  1. Wow I remember Swatches back in the 80’s, I know they must have some very retro designs worth looking into. I think I’ll take a look myself. Nice post.

  2. This watch is so beautiful and I like the picture, very chic. Sweet that the watch was your from your Mother.

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