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Ah… Spring’s a Coming!

I’ve been enjoying the fabulous weather since my return to the Caribbean. Recently though, I’ve been nostalgic for spring.

Spring is my favourite season!

I’m a sunshine girl!

You can’t imagine how much I hate the cold! After about 5 months of permanently overcast skies, minimal sunshine and merciless cold it’s almost as if my life begins anew when I see the first bright sun rays that spring brings!

I love the flowers, the green grass, the leaves that appear on trees, the fact that it’s not too hot but not too cold and last but definitely not least, I love spring style.

It feels great to put away those heavy jackets and say a firm NO to endless layering – oh what bliss!

For me trench coats are a spring staple. They’re stylish and great for dressing up or down!

Last year, I found a fabulous CK belted trench with stand collar and pleating below the waist. It also has a lining that can be removed so you can be as warm as required. It spells sophistication and I’m still salivating when I think of the great sale price for which I got it!

Here are a couple under $100 that I was looking at (just for the fun of it) and thought I’d share (click photos for details)!

DKNY Coat, Trench Colored Belted

Really like this blue. The coat comes in bloom (sorta pink) as well – which is also pretty cool!

DKNY Women's Belted Rain/ Trench Coat

Love the colour, length and pleating on this one! sophisticated!

Green With Envy Coat, Trench Belted Ruffled Collar Cropped

This is sporty, chic and ultra cute 😉 In addition to yellow, it comes in green which is a great spring hue!

DKNY Women's Belted Rain Trench Coat

Another cute pick!

Calvin Klein Mushroom brushed cotton trench with faux leather detail

And last but not least! The leather (albeit fake) really makes for good ‘military styling’ and I can imagine this coat looking tres chic if it’s worn well.

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2 thoughts on “Ah… Spring’s a Coming!

  1. Well as a matter of fact, I can imagine how much you hate the cold and rain:-) I really enjoyed your view on the different trenches, glad I didn’t throw out my favorite from 1993! it sort of reminds me of the last one pictured.

    Claire from Ithaca NY where it was 66 today, March 7

  2. lol! Yes Claire, you know!
    I’m glad you didn’t throw out that one from ’93 too. You should wear it this spring 😉

    I can’t believe it was 66 in Ithaca today!!

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