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You must wear sunglasses!

Recently I spotted some super cool shades and they’ve really put me in the zone to upgrade my collection. And a much needed upgrade it shall be! What with the sad breaking of a temple off my lavender aviator shades, the disappearance of my chic vintage shades and the matter-of-fact comment by my 5 year old neighbour that “When the sun is shining you musn’t wear those glasses (tinted prescription glasses), you must wear sunglasses!”
The pair of glasses that have turned out to be my inspiration are these Retro Super Future Sun Glasses in Havana Glitter and Gold. Gorg! Aren’t they?

Retro Super Future Sun Glasses Havana Glitter & Gold.

Just looking at this you can probably guess that the look I am going for is vintage chic, but sexy cool. Here are some great stuff I found and even greater they’re much less costly!! (click photos for links)

Wayfarer Style Sunglasses with Silver Overprint in Zebra.

I’ve recently discovered I have a thing for zebra print, so these are Perfect! and only $9.99

Oversized Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses in Tortoise!

Loove the rounded, cat eye vintage look. And the tortoise print makes it positively badd!!

Casablanca Cat-Eye Sunglasses (Tortoise)

Another tortoise print! I am loving the gold toned temples and rounded look! and this one, $15.

Round and About Sunglasses

These superstar glasses come with black frames and gray lens as well as tortoise. Sexy and just nine bucks!

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2 thoughts on “You must wear sunglasses!

  1. Totally loving the Retro Super Future sunglasses (1st ones) where are those? I love the vintage look about them.

  2. If you click on the link it will take you to the page. I think that’s an online store though, but perhaps if you hunt around you can find it in stores. It’s pricey, but the quality seems to be pretty good.

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