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Beyonce is not the world’s most beautiful woman – People needs to get it right!

As I was about to type in google.com from a MSN home page this week, I discovered that People Magazine has named Beyonce the world’s most beautiful woman.


The article said that People was taking both inner and outer beauty into consideration.

I think Beyonce is a pretty young woman and for someone in showbiz she definitely maintains a good image. I really don’t even know how she manages to stay out of arguments and the like with all of the attacks that are often flung at her. I like some of her songs; others of them, not so much. However, overall, I think she makes really good music. I also think she’s one hec of a performer and I really admire her (for her seemingly calm and gentle nature and for her amazing work ethic).

What I don’t think, in fact, what I know – is that Beyonce is not the most beautiful woman in the world and the media need to get it right! It’s annoying to the ‘rest of the world’ when a company chooses mostly American &/or people who are prominent in Hollywood or American showbiz and then tout them as the world’s most..whatever. Actually it’s ridiculous!

People needed to be much more specific with the title they gave these women. There are millions of beautiful women in the world with wonderful hearts, who were not even considered for this placement. So next year instead of calling the winner “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman,’ they need to get it right by being more specific! Perhaps they can say “Hollywoods Most Beautiful.”

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3 thoughts on “Beyonce is not the world’s most beautiful woman – People needs to get it right!

  1. I could not have said this better myself!!!

  2. I am sure there are more fiting people for that title.

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