Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn – Gore Vidal

Retail Therapy

I could use some retail therapy right now, but because I’m disciplined – or broke – I’ll content myself with sharing what I would get if I did go shopping!

Red Lipstick

I’m not a fan of lipstick – I’ve never liked how it feels on my lips and I never think any colour complements me.

But lately, I’ve been considering red lipstick! I just think it looks great with a white shirt and blue jeans and I’m ready to give it a try! Bearing in mind that they say darker red hues make the teeth look whiter, I’m gonna go for that!


Largely inspired by cultures, singers and hairshops I’m starting to really feel headwraps. I think they can be quite sophisticated and chic. So, I’m gonna get me some good material, learn to do a good wrap and turn some heads this summer!


Solange Knowles

Silver Hoops

I had a really lovely pair of silver earrings for a number of years and one day, to my great dismay, one of them broke. I haven’t really found anything great to replace them yet, so that’s something I really need.

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6 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. Loving all of this! Go for the red lipstick, you’ll love it. I use Mac Red and Tom Ford Cherry Lush, they are 2 of my favourite reds. Red lipstick does make your teeth look whiter. Headwraps… OMG you’ll love them. Very easy to do, just be creative and go with it.

  2. I love your list. Whitney actually posted a video on her page showing 10 ways to rock a silk headscarf. I’m going to post it on my Friday post, but check it out here!====> http://www.theglamourai.com/2012/05/travel-diary-day-iv-in-marrakech.html

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