Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn – Gore Vidal

Well Laundered Clothes = Smart Style

I’m absolutely aghast to find that it now seems commonplace for people to wear clothes that are not properly laundered. Torn hems, soiled garments and unironed clothes are fast becoming the order of the day. The days of garments washed to perfection, well-starched crisp clothes and shoes polished and shone to mirror status are fast going down the drain and by jove, we must get them back!

So here are some tips to get those whites looking crisp and for making a style statement!

1. Presoak your whites or just use a stain remover, like shout before throwing them in the machine.
2. Put your clothes on the easy iron selection so they’re not so wrinkled when they come out of the dryer.
3. Clothes that have been washed on the easy iron setting should be a little bit easier to iron. So run on over to the ironing board and press your  clothes. Check for double seams and extra creases and make sure there are no wrinkles. Use spray starch on cotton.
4. To make a laundry list of problems shorter, if the cleaners on your corner are good, you can have them do the job for you!
5. Have an extra top ready in case you spill some coffee on yourself before you step through the door.
6. Get a cloth and clean your shoes for goodness sake – dirty shoes are not attractive!

These are just a few tips, but they’re important because just wearing a designer label doesn’t speak for style – your outfit needs to look smart as well. And wrinkled, smelly or soiled attire isn’t going to make the cut!

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