Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn – Gore Vidal

Lady Gaga

“I think it would be nice to be able to wear extravagant hats and gloves and all these extravagant clothes and not be on the street and mocked for it or questioned why. If you wear a fantastic hat during the day, in the street people say, “Where are you going?” “Why are you dressed like that?” And it’s maybe the most annoying question in the world. Why do we have to have  a reason to dress up or to be glamorous or to have fun? Why do we we have to have a reason for it? I hate it when people ask me why. Why not?”

– Dita Von Tesse

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  1. I agree but it is the pressure of the collective that we respond to…Lady Gaga seems to have risen about it but to play in society it is hard to do sometimes.

    • I completely agree Claire. I like that “it is the pressure of the collective that we respond to” – so true! As for me, the more I live, the more I try to ‘do me’!

  2. I agree with you post why do people question what we’re wearing. I just do me. People look at me all the time wondering or asking themselves who do I think I am. If you’re not part of the boring norm, people don’t know how to react. Be You! 🙂

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