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Bringin’ the Jumper Back!

Inspired by the heat and memories, I think it would be so cool to rock a nice denim jumper this summer. I rarely see anyone wearing those anymore, but of course that’s unimportant! Reminiscing on a great baggy khaki piece I had for a few years, I recall having a certain sense of freedom when I wore them and how cool it felt to unhook one strap and just let it hang 😉

For this summer, I’m thinking, it would be great to make use of a bandeau or crop top underneath as that would be a great way to ward off the heat.

I perused the web for something and the options were limited.  Hardly could find anything with the ‘bagginess’ that I was after. But I did find something to my liking.

!it Denim – Overalls in Loved

In the process I found a really cute skirt jumper as well!

Aeropostale Denim Skirt Overall

I would pair either of these with a cute or sexy bandeau or crop top. One with colourful or bold print would be even better! and just to give you two examples…

ASOS bralet with stud detail


Free People Bandeau Crop Top In Bandana Print



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