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Ascot Love!

I’m a big fan of ascot blouses. No. Huge!
I can’t be sure what exactly it is about them that drew me in – but like a fish on bait, I am hooked!

Jason Wu Ascot blouse

For me, the versatility of the blouse is everything! I simply adore the fact that it can be worn professionally, formally and casually, all the while denoting a certain air of cool class!


I also love that you can have fun with the tie; playing around and exploring different concepts and creative ways of tying it.

This blouse has been tied to resemble a flower. How cute!

It makes a marvelous match for just about anything it’s paired with – be it shorts, denim, slacks, skirts and especially a well tailored a-line skirt! Worn with a high-waist bottom, it’s sure to provoke some sweet nostalgia that I’d like to call vintage glory!

vintage Ascot blouse

So can you imagine how delighted I am that the uniform for next year (Yes! I wear a uniform to work) was a choice between an ascot and regular blouse! Of course I chose four ascot tops!

I’m super excited and can’t wait to debut the new look!

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2 thoughts on “Ascot Love!

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  2. I coudln’t agree with you more! I loved all the looks, but I think the hot pink blouse with the gold belt stole the cake!

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