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Rose Gold Everything

After multiple tries, I contacted Swatch on Facebook to try and get the watch I wanted from one of their previous collections. However, even though it seemed as if I was finally gonna be successful in being able to purchase the watch, the arrangements fell through.

Despite being dismayed about the whole thing, I’ve decided to find an alternative and I think I’m gonna get myself a nice rose gold watch! 😉

I know rose gold is fashionable, but I believe my interest in the trend has sprung from a most unusual source … and that would be Rick Ross!

Rick Ross – I actually like this outfit and the decor in the setting (Really wish he would have buttoned up that shirt though)!

I’ve never been a fan of Rick Ross, but earlier this year I spent a considerable amount of time driving around with a friend and hanging out with his friends. Incidentally, they are big Ross fans and his mix tape Rich Forever had just been released. So that’s all I ever heard when I was around them.

Eventually a few of the songs grew on me – because I’m a SUCKER for a great beat! In one of my favourite tracks from the album, he says “see me in the street, rose gold everything.” And, it seems, his constant affinity for rapping about rose gold jewellery, piqued my interest in the trend.

So I decided to go online and look for a rose gold watch and I was quite impressed with my find. During my search I also discovered that while I’ve always been more into watches with slim bands and petite faces, I am really liking the  ‘big watch/ boyfriend watch’,  look that is trendy now and might try that! Of course, it would be remiss of me not to share! So feast your eyes (and tell me your fave)!

Being on a budget I shall have to get one that won’t ‘hurt my pocket,’ 😉  but get one I shall!

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3 thoughts on “Rose Gold Everything

  1. I can completely understand the need for that certain something. And that rose gold color is lovely! Good luck in your quest of finding that perfect watch.

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