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Nutt’n Too Cheap Nuh Good

If you’re a real Jamaican you’ve heard the statement ‘nutt’n too cheap nuh good’ at least a thousand times!

It means, anything that doesn’t cost much money, isn’t good quality. Literally it means, anything that’s too cheap isn’t good. As many times as I’ve heard it, you’d think I might learn my lesson!

I bought some shoes last summer in a retail store where I always shop for little pieces at really good prices.

Among my loot from that store are a really nice suit I wear to interviews that I paid only $25.00 for and white oxford shirts that I wear with jeans or really short shorts when I want to exude a more sophisticated air. Those shirts were on sale (in September) for $8 as school uniform blouses and because I’m pretty much a size nothing I copped a few and felt good about savings!

I saw a really cute pair of brown Oxfords in their one day and decided to go back and get them at another time as I didn’t have my purse on me. When I returned, they were gone and I bought a less attractive gray pair.

I’ve been receiving lots of compliments about how neat they look on my feet. “I’ve never seen a shoe fit someone’s foot like that,” said a guy on Tuesday. Right before he said, “but they don’t look strong though.”

I noticed he was looking toward the sole of my shoe. So I tilted the sole upward only to discover that the gray (whatever synthetic material) it’s made from had lifted to expose a white kind of material! I gasped in shock – I just had NOT seen that!

Looks obvious now, but when my foot was on the ground, I never saw it!

To make matters worse, on the top right of the shoe the synthetic material was cracking like an old woman’s skin and revealing some more white!

I was so embarrassed! Of course,  I became conscious of it for the rest of the day; tucking the wrinkled shoe under the other foot if I had to sit beside someone and such -_-

I even borrowed some nail glue but that only made the material look like plastic and then it wrinkled and started showing white on the opposite side of the patch I’d glued!

Making a bad situation worst (I know you see the ‘bubble’)!

Well, I only have myself to blame, I thought. I must’ve paid $25.00 for those shoes (including tax) – so I figure I got what I paid for!

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2 thoughts on “Nutt’n Too Cheap Nuh Good

  1. 30 years ago, things were made of such good materials and workmanship that they lasted much longer than items I purchase today. In addition, they wore better. For example, I received two belts “free” with pants I purchased one year ago and now those belts have both broken. The synthetic material disintegrated at some key points.

    In short, I can relate to this sweetofstyle blog.

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