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To be German or African? That is the question.

On New Year’s Eve night, I’ll be attending a themed party which celebrates Jamaica’s 50th anniversary.

The theme is ‘Out of Many, One” (or something like that) and is very similar to the country’s motto “Out of many, One People.” You see, Jamaica is made up of a multiplicity of nationalities (we might not be diverse as NYC, but we’re not nearly as big anyway ;). The majority of the population is of African descent but we also have Indian, Chinese, Syrian/Lebanese and German.  The Africans were brought here as slaves and the rest came as indentured servants.

So for this party, we are to dress up as one of these nationalities. And this is where my dilemna begins! I have narrowed my nationalities down to two. I have decided that I will either be African or German. While I have done some research and discovered that there is also some Indian in my lineage, I can most identify with those two previously mentioned. My dad’s mom is 1/2 German & Jamaican black and of course there’s no denying the African-ness in me!

I figure if I go as a German my outfit will be really unique because not many people will think outside of the box and come as Germans. When people think of the other nationalities that make up the country they pretty much stop thinking at Chinese & Indian. Hardly anyone acknowledges that three whole parishes have a strong German population where they’ve even managed to come up with their own dialect of Jamaican creole!

So I’d probably be the only one in a dirndl – but how do you make a dirndl look great enought to wear to a New Year’s Eve party?

A dirndl outfit

On the other hand, if I go as an African, my costume could be smashing and regal and fabulous (even though there’ll most likely be a gazillion other people in African print 😦

Not quite what I had in mind – but you see how creative I could get?!

So what do you think? Give me your highly favoured opinion in the poll below!

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6 thoughts on “To be German or African? That is the question.

  1. Ok…so is there no way to look a more contemporary German or would that be just classified as Western garb. What about a straight long blond wig and a ski outfit, just a thought. Be sure to post pics:-)

  2. African! Nice blog. Didn’t know you had one I’m now a follower.

  3. Germany!

  4. Only u den ok good luck with which ever u want

  5. They are both good but I think German, you are less likely to see another person with that idea.

  6. So what did you decide?

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