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Paid the Cost To Be The Boss

One day as I browsed my feed on Facebook, I saw a photo of a lady wearing a fabulous outfit. It was made of ankara material and from the knee down boasted a wide gathered bottom. She was fierce; rocking her African inspired outfit with the confidence of Cleopatra and beckoning me to get one like it.

The Facebook image that started it all!

Light bulb!

I had to attend a wedding in August! I figured it would be perfect for the occasion. So I took it to a tailor of good repute, showed him the design, found out how much fabric I would need to have it made and then went off to buy it.

I found some material, took some measurements and decided the bottom piece of the dress would be a little too much (since I didn’t want to be grabbing too much attention) so I would just make it an a-line dress. The tailor pointed out that the outfit was not a dress as I had thought, but an actual skirt and top. We decided to make it a dress anyway, and I left him to work his magic.

Well, somehow, he forgot all about my due date (the day I was supposed to get the dress), and to my dismay, he clearly didn’t believe me when I told him that in the three weeks since he took my measurement I had lost weight. So when I tried on the dress, it was too big in the waist 😦 I was pissed because I felt he’d waited until the last minute to make the dress and after having waited for at least two hours, I was so upset I refused to wait any longer!

I ended up wearing something from my closet to the wedding instead.

Later on, I asked him to make adjustments for my fluctuating weight and let me have the dress so I could flaunt my stuff at my next social appearance 😉

While not making the dress exactly as it appeared in the photo I showed him, I thought he did a fabulous job and it looked just as gorg when I tried it on!

My modest version with a burst of vibrant colour!
(excuse my oily face)

I got compliments all night – Everyone loved it!

Another view

Another view

I’m sure I spent less than I would have had I bought it from a store and it was unique and creative!! I paired it with some long chandelier earrings I have and I really didn’t need much else! Wanted a cuff but couldn’t find one, so I went with a stack of bangles instead (not shown as some of the photos refuse to load)!

negates the need for a necklace!

and I’ve quite fallen in love with these platform heels!

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4 thoughts on “Paid the Cost To Be The Boss

  1. WOW. I have to say… this dress looks AMAZING on you. I really like what the tailor did. I’m sorry you had to wait a little longer. Also, outside of the dress your frame looks amazing in it. It’s good that you know such a fantastic tailor.

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