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While I was Planning…

There’s a regular saying in my island home that goes thus: ‘Man a plan, God a wipe out.’ I believe it really translates to mean that as man makes (writes) his plans, God erases them.

Surely this is what happened to me as I made plans to buy all these fabulous items to compliment my new uniform for the 2012- 2013 work year. If you recall, I did a whole post about it!

Well, the new uniforms arrived but I got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from my list! The money was there and everything was in place and then suddenly, all sort of things came up and I didn’t have the money anymore, had to scale down plans, fell in love with a whole new set of stuff!!

So the first new thing I fell in love with were these tres chic vintage inspired oxfords! Aren’t they gorg?!!! They compliment my new uniform (which is heavy on navy blue) so well and I get loads and loads of complements on them.


Restricted Betsy Oxfords (whiskey)

And after I found they were sold out at DSW (which seems to be my go to shoe store these days), I persistently hunted ’til I got them on sale at Kohls  for a fraction of the price I had seen them for originally 😉

They creased at the sides the first day I wore them (giving a worn appearance), but it adds to the vintage appeal - I guess!

They creased at the sides the first day I wore them (giving a worn appearance), but it adds to the vintage appeal – I guess!

Photos of my new uniform and accessories to come soon (can’t wait to share)!!!

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4 thoughts on “While I was Planning…

  1. I have to agree, the Oxfords are SUPER cute!

  2. Love the shoes and love: Man a plan, God a wipe out! Looking forward to pics…when I was in 10th grade we wore uniforms to the catholic school I went to…it was easier than buying clothes and I somewhat enjoyed all the choices when choices were limited. Does every organization have a uniform in Jamaica?

    • Hi claire! Glad the snow didn’t treat you too badly! I too like the uniform idea – it saves money for sure and is easier than wondering if you’re repeating something you already wore twice in a week 😉

      I think every school wears a uniform, but not every organization. Most of the formal ones though, like hotels, banks and even some that you wouldn’t expect!

      🙂 Glad you like the quote!

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