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Why the Zimmerman Heels Had To Wait

I saw and fell completely in love with a a gorgeous pair of Zimmerman heels sometime in December. I decided that as soon as I had sent out my New Year’s greeting, I would be gushing about them!

Zimmerman heels

Zimmerman heels

You’re thinking “TF is that?” Aren’t you? But wait till you see them on…

Sara Donaldson in Zimmerman heels

Sara Donaldson in Zimmerman heels

I think they’re so fab! They’re unusually sexy and though expensive, I would certainly pull out my purse to own a pair!

But as usual, as I was planning, God was directing the show and I’m just getting around to them!

Since it’s been three weeks, you’re probably wondering what kept me from posting. So let me tell you. His name is Fela!



He’s my new puppy (soon to be dog) and the new love of my life (insert audio clip of Erykah badu singing love of my life)! He’s a Pekingese. The tiniest, cutest most adorable little thing this side of the planet…I’m soo in love!!

Now the flip side is that having Fela is like having a special needs child. He’s submissive and shy and in a breed that’s already known to be stubborn, hard to train and lazy – that’s not really great.

So in the time that I would normally use to blog, I’ve been reading and re-reading books, magazines and blog posts on how to train him and how to help submissive dogs come out of their shell. I’ve also been training, feeding, getting up at 1-2am (his favourite time to act like a real dog), grooming and worrying!

The cowardly lion dog!

The cowardly lion dog!

Fela is also expensive! I was thinking to myself last week that if someone would have told me he was gonna cost me like this, I wouldn’t have bothered. But it’s LIES! He’s so adorable -even in his regal stubbornness and he is such great company, that I really don’t mind.

Fela snuggles up beside me!

Fela snuggles up beside me!

Hopefully, by February I’ll get back into the groove of things, doing my freelance work and blogging and writing as I would like to, but for now… Fela runs this!

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4 thoughts on “Why the Zimmerman Heels Had To Wait

  1. Congrats on sharing your life with Fela! I’m sure he’s much more fun than a pair of shoes!

  2. This little story made my day complete…have you started shopping doggie wear:-)

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