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Eyebrow Error

Getting my eyebrows done is an experience really. Nothing big or crazy (unless it’s real frickin crazy); just an experience.

Since it’s something that is often done, you may think it’s not really an experience – just something you have to do ever so often. But for ME, it’s an experience. Perhaps because it’s done by a human and the result is generally not ever the same.


Good brow

Like the time when I went to my friend’s sister’s shop. I proceeded to tell her how I wanted my brows done. She listened quite impatiently, and of course. when it was done she f^cked it up! Needless to say, I was pissed and even though I showed her where one brow was clearly too thin, she insisted she had done nothing wrong!

Then, there was the time when I waxed my brows in New York. Those Chinese girls did my brows PERFECTLY by the way. But on this occasion, my brows were burning after the wax! My brow tech doused my eyelids in oil and I checked my reflection feeling quite satisfied with my perfectly arched brows. Later in the afternoon, I washed my face and my eyelids felt like they were on FIRE! That’s when I realized she had burnt my skin! Needless to say I demanded my money back – and almost had to get real crazy in there… I later found out that it probably occurred because I was on medication for a skin issue I was having.

My burnt brow

My burnt brow

Most recently, I went to my usual brow place and an ‘unusual’ (meaning not the lady who normally does it) chick did my brows. I told her what I wanted and when I was done her response was:

“Are you finished yet?” (Possibly rolling her eyes for added measure – but I dunno for sure – I try to ignore these things)! Because I’m constantly told that I have a tendency to spew unnecessary verbiage; I decided to let that one slide…

OF COURSE. She f^cked it up! She drew a proper brow over it, so it appeared to be well done til I got home. I washed my face and realized what she had done. Needless to say I was FUMING; especially when I thought of how she seemingly dismissed my instructions.


I knooow! The look on her face just makes this bad brow job look worse than it is…

She will not be doing my eyebrows again – and I shall be giving her a piece of my mind – before telling her why the next time I’m there!

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6 thoughts on “Eyebrow Error

  1. I had a hatchet job recently…I went in and asked for a wax with anyone available. My fault though I didn’t share a vision…always goes back to communication…LOL.

  2. Sophia on said:

    sometimes I dont bother to groom my brows cause no one listens and since I am a ‘time-bomb’ on call, I keep my brows

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