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On Perming Ma Hurr

So I wanted to write a post about my new hair and how much I love it, and what styles inspired it and etc. However, as a former journalist I guess the bigger story is that I went and permed my hair after saying (at some point) I wouldn’t put any chemicals in it again!

The new hair/haircut!

The new hair/haircut!

Well, although I’m definitely a ‘Never say Never’ kinda girl, I’ve decided against relaxing my hair again. It doesn’t work for me AT ALL! But, for some time now – I dunno … like since 2011 – I’ve been feeling like trying this new hair-do. And I didn’t see how it was gonna work with my hair natural.

old Kelis hairstyle

old Kelis hairstyle

So after what – like 6 years (or something), I got a perm!!!

I know a lot of ‘naturalistas’ are not feeling that decision, but I feel like I should be able to explore my options and try different things without being confined to one style.

My natural hair after I cut it in 2011

My natural hair after I cut it in 2011

Unfortunately, I didn’t do any of the things that are normally done before getting a do like this. I went to the salon with canerows (cornrows) in and pulled them out right before I got my hair done. Let me tell you – my head felt like it was on fire 😥 I’d forgotten about that! I was sitting in the chair thinking, “Sheeet! I did not miss this!”

My coloured frohawk last year!

My coloured frohawk last year!

Anyway, I’m loving my do – and for any concerned natural sistas, I’m going right back to being natural when I retire this look 😉

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7 thoughts on “On Perming Ma Hurr

  1. so I am all for beauty improvements that can somehow enhance the day to day quality of life, so good for you for listening to your heart. I had my hair color “enhanced” this week, there is a reason I wasn’t born blond…LOL, but it is a lift for this dreary winter and yet, I do have the concern, the grey area, of the chemicals involved.

  2. Aww – good for you! Make sure you take some spring pics with the new hair. I too am concerned that there has to be a gray area, after all the heat I felt coming off my head!!

  3. as a natural head, I’m one to not look down on permed sistas… hair is hair, and not all “natural” hair is healthy! rock you hair and enjoy unique styles! go girlfran! xC

  4. sophiesamz on said:

    take it from this ‘hair-crazy’ sista – it’s hot!!…do what pleases you, what you think will fit you and you are allowed to be emotional and passionate about anything hair included….dash some colour in there too

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