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What To Wear In Case Of a Fire

I was on the phone with a friend ’til veeery late on Saturday morning (about 1:30 a.m.). While we were talking, I said to him, “I smell something like incense burning.”

“No. It smells like smoke,” I retorted.

“God I can’t stand it.”

I get up and look through my windows and door, I don’t see any hint of smoke. I get back into bed and we continue to talk.

“No man, it’s really strong. It smells bad,” I continue.

I remember thinking that my dog whose nostrils are way more sensitive than mine must be dying.

Anyway, I didn’t smell any smoke after that and went to bed.

I woke up at some point coughing and went to relieve myself of some mucus, thinking my sinuses were up to no good.

At some point (turned out to be after three in the morning), I heard the guy who lives in an apartment below me shouting to a guy who lives above me. He was repeatdly shouting the guy’s name. So I got up, and lo and behold all I saw was a billowing, angry red-orange row of flames; hissing, popping and crackling.

I immediately started looking for a bottom, since I’d gone to sleep in just a camisole night top.I saw my itty bitty pink shorts and figured those wouldn’t do. My head was a whirl as I wondered where to find some decent pants and ran to the closet. I frantically rummaged through the closet. It may have been one, but I felt like it had taken me 5 minutes to find some jeans and pull them on.

I ran upstairs to get the guy (mentioned earlier) and when he groggily came to the door, I told him he had to get out because there was a fire below him. As I ran back to my apartment barefooted (because Fela chewed on my indoor slippers and destroyed them), I figured that since the fire was practically just outside my window I’d better grab some stuff. I figured I can’t live without my laptop and perhaps I should just zip up the suitcase full of clothes lying on the floor and take that out too.

But before I could grab anything, the same guy from upstairs pushes his head in my door and tells me I need to get out because the stairway is full of smoke and soon we won’t be able to get out. At that point I became an even more nervous wreck. I grabbed my bag (pocketbook), then put it down. I ran to the closet, grabbed a pair of sandals. Ran to the bed, got Fela, picked up my bag and with slippers in hand ran through a back exit and outside.

Once there, I was prompted by someone to call 119. Lots of other dramatic events occurred, but while I sat there in ‘unknowingness’ (… that would be the unknowingness of whether or not I would have a bed to sleep in once the sun had risen and other such things), I desperately wanted to go back. And when I say desperately I mean like Lot’s wife during the escape from Sodom & Gommorah.

I really wanted my laptop, I remembered my passport and I needed a sweater! I was cold and then when a guy stopped to say something to me was when I realized how absolutely uncomfortable I was in my worn out little night top which made my boobs (which I don’t think are nearly as perky as they should be) and pointy nipples stand out most disturbingly! Lord how I needed my cardigan! 

White cardigan

White cardigan

So for the rest of the morning until the fire was put out, whenever anyone approached me, I would pull the bag across my body (as best I could) to avoid them seeing my boobies. And when I was finally able to get back into my apartment, two things occurred to me:

1. I NEED to have a little emergency bag – in case of emergencies 😉 But seriously though, I have at least two empty small 2-wheel suitcases. I shall fill one with a few items like a change of clothes, pj’s maybe a bar of soap, my passport and other super important documents that would be time consuming and difficult to replace, my mom’s watch and  such items!

2. When clothes get old and seedy, they shouldn’t be in my drawers. It must be my upbringing, but I have a habit of keeping old, worn clothes and wearing them to bed or around the house. Well on this particular night, I only became conscious of the fact that it was sorta stretched out and a bit worn, when I was out in public! Now I’m gonna have to make sure my pj’s are camera worthy! That way, if I get caught on the news with my last piece of clothing on my back, I can be at least 1/2 way fab! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “What To Wear In Case Of a Fire

  1. typically, in times of disasters persons will panic even when you had preparations and things intact for any eventuality…happy damages were not extensive..lighter note atleast you were half dressed and you could find something to put on despite it wasnt ‘up to standard’ but consider what if you had slept in the nude

    • Sophie, you are the best!! You crack me up. But nuh true?!! And up to recently that could very well have been the case, cuz the heat start tun up nowadays!

      • I use to wonder what I’d do in case of a disaster since I like to sleep in my NUDE OLYMPICS SUIT but I dont give a heck anymore a towel or a sheet is always close by

  2. Glad you’re safe!!!

  3. More posts like this please! Love to see things I can actually relate to.

  4. Glad you made it out girl, enjoyed reading your recap of the event. A similar thing happened to me the day our power went out in March…of course, I haven’t prepped the bag yet but this is a good reminder:-)

  5. Thx Claire! do share and yes I know, I haven’t strted either lol 😉

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