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Beauty and Beyonce

After Beyonce’s big Superbowl performance, it had caused some furore that she had asked the media to remove some photos that she and her publicist considered to be unflattering (In all fairness, the news reports I have read said her publicist wanted it removed and never once mentioned her name…).

Maybe two weeks later, I come across another article stating that Beyonce has now banned photographers from her concerts excluding one which she hires. Photos that are released to the press will be those taken by this person and approved by her? and her publicist.

Insert –> Hand on jaw, head cocked to the right, eyes rolling and looong sigh.

No those pictures are not the cutest, but Beyonce, you’re a performer; an enetertainer. We are well aware that your act consists not only of singing, but doing choreographed (and sometimes un-choreographed) dance moves that involve, neck-jerking, head-spinning, booty poppin’ and twirling and twerkin’. And we most definitely do not expect you to do all that while remaining cute as a puppy in spring!

'na mean?!

‘na mean?!

Yes, despite the fact that you’re hailed a queen and considered a celebrity – no one expects you to look like a doll 100% of the time, because we know that you’re actually human!



So please, keep it real. Don’t become America’s flawed perception of a diva – be a real one!

In case you missed it, here’s the performance. I’d be damned proud of those photos – girl can worrrk!

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2 thoughts on “Beauty and Beyonce

  1. This honestly just reminds me of all the comments that somewhat despise her new Tumblr. She rids herself of all other social media and online presence to professionally curate a picture perfect life. At this point I think we are all sighing and rolling our eyes. Its a real shame because in “other” people’s interviews you can tell she is a jokester and fun person around friends, but in her own interviews, on red carpets, online…she is just such a bore. I was so utterly relieved to give Rhianna a chance by watching her Oprah special. Now I am head over heels for her. I followed it up by watching Beyonce’s. Huge difference. I still have no idea who she is, and I am only one of many many fans who don’t. Oh well. We cannot expect her to change. Only life events change your perspective. She is a mom and even more private now, so….

    Did you read my Beyonce post last week? 🙂

    • I need to see that Rihanna interview too (can you believe I haven’t yet lol)! But yes, there are many things I admire about her, but sometimes we need to just keep it real. And yes, I did read your post – and actually commented. I thought you were completely on point!

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