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Summer is almost here – Time to check out new Swimwear!

Summer is on its way and I’m making some space for a swimsuit or two! I haven’t got over my body hang-ups, so I’m still in the one piece frame of mind. While I’ve seen some fabulous monokinis, I’m considering (albeit warily) a few two pieces and of course, a budget stays on my mind.

So, with a goal to stay sexy despite being self-conscious, I’ve found some sweet stuff. So here’s a peek at some of my fave one pieces so far, all under $100! Enjoy 🙂

Asos Lattice Strap Waist Cut Out Coral Swimsuit

Asos Lattice Strap Waist Cut Out Coral Swimsuit


Asos Bright Twist Out Swimsuit


Victoria’s Secret Animal Print Cut Out One Piece


Lulu’s Volcom Beat Street Black One Piece


Victoria’s Secret Strappy Grosgrain Monokini


Victoria’s Secret One Shoulder Chain Link Monokini


Mirror Floral Lattice Cut Out Triangle Swimsuit


Style I’d Snag

Summer is just around the corner and I’m excited for one (or two) new pieces to wear to the beach this year 🙂

Recently, I came across this super chic piece from Ryan Chan’s Goddess Reign collection and I absolutely love it.
Here’s a swimsuit I’d snag!

Goddess Reign Swimsuit

Goddess Reign Swimsuit

Proud Jamaican!

I’m a Proud Jamaican.

Myself and the big man himself Usian Bolt!

I’d like to think I’ve always been that way, but I know for sure that until I lived away from my beautiful island home for nearly three years, I never realized just how special it is to be Jamaican. It was only when I was way up in the neck of the woods of upstate New York that I realized how truly unique Jamaicans are. How special is our native language, our patriotism, our genuine friendliness and willingness to help others (which at this point in my life I think is second to none) and that’s only the top of the list!

Warm, genuine Jamaican people make our island special

This year is very momentous for us as we celebrate 50 years of independence on August 6th!

Logo for Jmaaica’s 50th Anniversary

It goes without saying that I’m quite excited about our involvement in this year’s Olympic games! We have some very fine athletes and what makes many of them even more remarkable is that they have endured many hardships (such as very little funding) and beat the odds to be at the Olympics.

Jamaican delegation at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games

This year we have sprinters defending their titles in a number of categories! We’re defending all three spots for the women’s 100m dash and Usain Bolt will be defending his title for the 100m dash (men)! Veronica Campbell 200m dash (women) and Usain Bolt 200m dash (men). Melaine Walker 400m hurdles and a team of four men will defend the 4x100m relay (men)! I feel a surge of pride just writing that!

Of course the whole world seems to be infected with Usain fever (haha) – the poor lad was apparently mobbed by fans at the Olympic village one day!

To di worl’! A classic example of Usain fever 😉

This year we were represented by our first equestrienne Samantha Albert! She did not do as well as she would have liked, but I’m happy that in a country which can’t place much emphasis on such sports due to a serious lack of resources, she made it that far. Alia Atkinson yesterday placed 4th in the 100m breaststroke final. Although she didn’t medal, the whole country is overjoyed with her performance and perseverance and rooting for her in the 200m tomorrow!

Even at the Olympics style reigns supreme and I had to share a photo of Alia looking fabulous in her swimsuit! Donning all the Jamaican colours (black green and gold) the swimsuit is accented by a smiling Bob Marley with his signature dreadlocks!

Alia Atkisnson in her black green and gold Bob Marley swimsuit!

Love the swimsuit and would love a wheelbarrow (well maybe a mini one) to haul away our medals at the end of these games!

(from left) Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce gained 1st place and Keron Stewart and Sherone Simpson tied for second place in the last Olympic games 100m dash!

As we say down here on the rock – To ‘di worl!



It’s Getting Hot Out Here – Time To Cop Some Beachwear!

Despite the fact that it has been raining every day, the last few weeks have been terribly hot. Of course, this blistering heat  is an indicator that summer’s around the corner and swimsuit shopping is in order!

If you’ve been following my blog you know I am ‘back conscious’ and only do one pieces. Well, I’m pleased to announce that I debuted my DKNY ruched one piece swimsuit and it was a hit! Not only did I feel lithe and sexy (despite being ‘covered up’), but I also got compliments 😉

So in welcoming the summer, I’ve decided to share some of the swimsuits I posted originally as well as some new ones I found!

Enjoy and click for links!

DKNY Ruched One Piece

Leopard-Print One-Piece

ASOS Cut Out One Piece in Stripe Print with Belt Detail

Push-Up Cut-Out One-Piece

Mouille Chloe Frill One Piece Suit

Asos Colour block wrap swimsuit

ASOS Embellished Back Plunge Suit

ASOS Laser Cut Frill Cut Out Swimsuit

Whistles Elle Swimsuit

Ten Terrific Swimsuits Under $100

In my last blog post, I promised to share some of the fab swimwear I came across during my search for a really great one-piece swimsuit. And I’m delivering!

I’ve divided the swimwear into two categories: Fit The Bill Favourites (the ones that didn’t expose too much back) and If Showing Skin Is Your Thing (the ones I’d have chosen if circumstances allowed). The link below will take you to a slideshow! Clicking on the photos will take you to the pages where you’ll be able to see more detail.



Sexy One-Piece Swimwear – Is It Out There?

My dear friend is coming to Jamaica and with much talk and growing excitement about visiting the beach in Negril, soaking up some sun and possibly snorkelling, I figured the time had come for me to get some swimwear.

So I set out in search of a fabulously sexy one-piece – and with the options in today’s marketplace you’re thinking the same thing I was – “This shouldn’t be too hard.” Except I was looking for something that covers my back as much as possible.

Well, it’s like… I kinda have a progressive & irreversible ‘skin condition’ which makes me way less than confident about showing skin ‘in back’ – so I decided to vigilantly go on the prowl and find exactly what I wanted!

I was on the net all gung-ho trying to find something (why I didn’t go ‘store shopping’ is a different post for a different time), ’til I saw the frickin prices and was like ‘whoooooaa.’  The first thing I realized is that the more skin you show is the less you pay! I was like “daaamn, yea you had to use more material to create this, but… daaamn.”

Let me tell you how I saw some show-stopping, breath-taking bathing suits. I would picture myself in these gorgeous garbs; running along the beach, ‘hair blowing in the wind’, guys raising themselves and their jaws off the sand as they asked, “Who’s that girl?”… RECORD SCRATCH, then I’d see the prices and my breath would stop (instant headache) and the beach scene I was about to star would end abruptly. Too many times it happened 😥 That shit breaks a girl’s heart!

I also realized that there are barely any sexy swimsuits that provide back coverage! When I would run into one, it was always sold the f@(! out 😡

My goal was to find something sexy under US$100, but I was having no luck and just when I was about to throw in the towel – voila – I found something!

Victoria's Secret Ruched One-piece Swimsuit DKNY

Look out for my next post of the top swimsuits I found!

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