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Hair Me Out!

Since the disintegration of her parents marriage, she’d only loved two things: The first was her long dark hair; the second was how easily she could cut it off… and feel nothing.

For some particularly strange reason, when I decided to write a post sharing my hairventures, this line from 5OO Days of Summer popped into my head. I have been cutting my hair since university, however,  I’ve never cut my hair and not felt anything; instead it is always like a lovely continuation in a great series for me!

I love hair, because it is so diverse and such an easy way to express oneself! You can perm it, curl it, straighten it, wear it it’s natural form, lock it, sport an updo, or crop cut…the possibilities are endless.

Being a restless soul, changing my hairstyle is something that I have done often over the years and I sure do enjoy it! In the past five years (random number), I’ve had so many different hairstyles that it’s a little uncanny! I’ve gone from dreds to a short perm! Below is a little lookbook of all kinds of phases and stages (I have a hardcopy of me sitting in a barber’s chair, that I will one day share)!!

To me it’s really cool that I can express myself and what I’m feeling through my hair and that it doesn’t have to be permanent.  After all, we only have one life to live – I say we need to do what makes us happy!


On Perming Ma Hurr

So I wanted to write a post about my new hair and how much I love it, and what styles inspired it and etc. However, as a former journalist I guess the bigger story is that I went and permed my hair after saying (at some point) I wouldn’t put any chemicals in it again!

The new hair/haircut!

The new hair/haircut!

Well, although I’m definitely a ‘Never say Never’ kinda girl, I’ve decided against relaxing my hair again. It doesn’t work for me AT ALL! But, for some time now – I dunno … like since 2011 – I’ve been feeling like trying this new hair-do. And I didn’t see how it was gonna work with my hair natural.

old Kelis hairstyle

old Kelis hairstyle

So after what – like 6 years (or something), I got a perm!!!

I know a lot of ‘naturalistas’ are not feeling that decision, but I feel like I should be able to explore my options and try different things without being confined to one style.

My natural hair after I cut it in 2011

My natural hair after I cut it in 2011

Unfortunately, I didn’t do any of the things that are normally done before getting a do like this. I went to the salon with canerows (cornrows) in and pulled them out right before I got my hair done. Let me tell you – my head felt like it was on fire 😥 I’d forgotten about that! I was sitting in the chair thinking, “Sheeet! I did not miss this!”

My coloured frohawk last year!

My coloured frohawk last year!

Anyway, I’m loving my do – and for any concerned natural sistas, I’m going right back to being natural when I retire this look 😉

Photo Shoot Fresh; Looking Like Wealth – I’m bout to call the paparazzi on myself!

It’s been over a week since I’ve been on vacation and although I haven’t planned a fabulous getaway and had to spend a day indoors because of good ol’ Sandy, I’ve been having a good time!

I’ve been listening to lots of music (can you tell by the title of the post?), running around tying up loose ends, getting  some shopping done and looking like a million dollars while I’m at it! 😉

But really though, the best part of my vacay so far is that I get to fully express myself and be ME! I don’t have to wear a wig – so my natural hair is all out and I decided to be adventurous and do a mohawk (frohawk – as I see it being called)! And I’ve been getting soooo many compliments, that I’m quite surprised!

Unfortunately, I can’t snap myself to show off some of theoutfits, but I managed to get a few photos – and I’m gonna invest in a tripod really soon!

p.s. My heart goes out to all those in the Caribbean and US who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. And I hope those of us (in her wake) who were spared the worst of her wrath, are truly grateful!


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