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Channeling Rihanna: Decent egg gone bad

We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.

~ C.S. Lewis

As for this egg. It hatched…and then went bad.

I am no stranger to change, and I’ve found that one thing that I can change easily is my hair! Since I’ve had a say in the matter, I’ve been no stranger to cutting, big chopping, braiding, colouring, going natural and lately, trying a weave! Nothing about the latest hairdo is normal for me, but sometimes, we must hatch. Must we not?!

So, as this story goes, I was recently browsing the net for a photo of Rihanna’s skrillex inspired cut. I like the ‘toned down’ version and figure I’m gonna get it done one day. Of course, since my hair is shaved down already, Skrillex hair wouldn’t be hard for me to achieve!

Rihanna channeling Skrillex

Rihanna channeling Skrillex

So I looked for photos of Rihanna’s skrillex cut and lo and behold I saw a photo of her with another style and thought. ‘Heh! I like that! or perhaps it was ‘Heyy, I’m gonna try that!’

the style that caught my eye!

the style that caught my eye!

My hair was seriously due to be done,so I decided to find out from my stylist whether or not she could pull it off and of course, she said yes!!

At some point, the indecisive, wimpy part of me started to get cold feet.  ‘Maybe I should just ask her to comb it down on one side’;’ I’m gonna tell her make it look as flat as possible’; ‘I don’t know if this is ok for work.’ but in the end, I went and let her do her thing!

The Result:

The sides of my head are shaved so low, I look like cassie! (I can think of something else, but to write it may be offensive to some 😉

I kinda have a Janelle Monae thing going on… and since I like her, that can’t be too bad!

A plethora of compliments!

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Lessons Learnt:

Rihanna probably got her hair done like that for an event. For a simple chick like me, it’s a bit much for the daily grind. Especially because it draws so much attention. So next time, I’ll need to be taking environment in mind!

Overall, while I think the next time I’ll do anything remotely close to this is New Year’s Eve night, it’s been interesting and I’m ok with being out of ‘the box’ for a bit.


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